Happy birthday to you :)

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Today I’ve let maptheclouds.com out in the wild, too (after this blog). I guess this way I will have to decide upon some styling and think about what content to put on the website, too.

I know that is not the right order, but is the only way I can plan my work during the evening, when I have time to sit at the computer. 😀

What is maptheclouds.com about? The website is intended for demos, tutorials and interesting resources related to “GIS, 3D maps and groovy visualizations”. So, I hope I will have more interesting projects to share, and more original content (this is a tricky one, is hard to be original nowadays).

Until then,

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear MapTheClouds
Happy birthday to you

Whatever Works (2009) – Happy Birthday https://www.traileraddict.com/whatever-works/happy-birthday.

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