FOSS4G 2019

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Caution: this is a report about a geospatial event, you can go directly to the presentations videos unless you are interested.

At the beginning of the year I chose FOSS4G 2019 as a milestone to launch the website. This didn’t happen yet, as from the previous post. 🙂

I whould have written about the event anyway, bearing in mind its importance for the geospatial community, so .. let’s begin.

FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) is organized by The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and is the most important annual event of the Open Source geospațial community, part of a tradition that dates back to 2004.

The 2019 edition was organized by The Bucharest Local Organizing Committee (BLOC), formed of the core members of and 5 members from Germany, Estonia, Italy and Portugal. The event concept : “enable an asymptotic connection between software and data”.

For 5-7 days there are workshops, code sprints, Business2Business meetings, social events. This year there have been almost 300 presentations about software, case studies, research and education, open data, geoprocessing, map services, natural disasters/crisis, teledetection, collaborative platforms, machine learning and much more.

An important aspect of the conference, that drew a lot of positive feedback, was the fact that the ones who could not join the conference could access live streaming at (with the help of C3Voc).

Also, each presentation has been recorded, and published even since last Friday on and FOSS4G Youtube channel.

I tried to watch as many talks as I could, but especially two applications stuck in my mind: a 3D climbing wall (video) and some examples of cool interactive styling for maps (video). 😉

Having in mind the effort behind such a conference, and the fact it was trully a success, the organizers deserve all the credit, congratulations for the initiative and the ingenious planning. 😊

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